In the fall of 2019, it was a Thursday and I was finished work around 7p. Mom and I went to the Mohegan Diner for dinner. Then, At about 10:30 we went to Walmart for paper towels. We sat in the parking lot in my car. We were laughing, my suburban middle class mom shopping so late at night. At 90 this was her adventure. She asked, “What will you do when I am gone?”

I replied, “I will paint again.”


Royla Cochran: my good friend, who was the Fine Arts Secretary at Earlham College. In 1983 she followed me to Philadelphia, we both attended PAFA. After we went our separate ways, we had many long late night conversations about life and art.   She passed Christmas Eve 2019, just before covid. 

Dear Royla  due to your generous  gift  posthumously, I was able to rent a studio next to my massage office and fill it with Denril and pigments.

Lesley Mitchell an artist, to whom I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye. She always encouraged me to work.